Television Troubleshooting Tips

Televisions have dominated the electronic marketplace for years. With ultra slim size, outstanding picture quality, new innovative features and comparatively affordable price it is becoming popular among the people. However, when something goes wrong, it become frustrating in diagnosing the problem because of its complex technology, before considering professional repair apply these tip to troubleshoot your TV problem.

  • Distorted picture- this means that you are watching your television in wrong picture format. For this you have to change the picture format by viewing the menu device that suits your needs.
  • No sound- if you are not able to hear any sound from television speakers, it may be possible you may have accidentally pressed the mute button. Check the external device and television connections make sure they are firmly plugged properly into the right audio inputs.
  • No picture- if you are not able to view picture, make sure your video input are plugged properly. Ensure your cable or satellite receiver is firmly connected to the correct input. You can also go through the menu while using remote control and auto-program your TV sets.
  • No power- if you have no power, ensure that your TV set is actually not turned on. Turn it on, if that fails, unplug the television, wait for 60 sec and plug it back. Make sure that there is no problem with power outlet.
  • Remote not working- check the batteries are properly placed and are not old. Replace the old batteries with the new one.


If you feel that you are not technically competent in troubleshooting then don't attempt it. Ensure that your television is not exposed to moisture it should be mounted or place in well ventilated area.